• Business Aviation Taxation

    EBAA offers a snapshot of all taxes in Europe affecting aviation, and specifically business aviation.

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  • EBAA Annual Debate
    on February 9th, 2017 at the European Parliament

    Aviation leaders gather at the European Parliament and call for satellite-based technologies to tackle capacity crunch

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  • Environment
    Commitment on Climate Change

    Business Aviation is consistently improving fuel efficiency, having delivered 40% improvement over the past 40 years. The sector's global carbon emissions are 0,04% of global man-made carbon emissions. 

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  • Scope of Business Aviation

    Use of business aircraft has been growing rapidly since the start of the decade and now represents 7.3% of IFR traffic. Since 2000 the fleet has grown by over 1000 turbine powered aircraft to number over 4000 jet and turboprop aircraft today. 

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  • Value
    BusAv Economic Impact in Europe

    Reflecting its catalytic role, business aviation delivers a substantial economic return. Its 7% share of flights generates 9% of business-related revenues. Moreover its operations play a crucial role in the European economy, driving demand in a much wider set of activities.

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Latest News

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29 May 2017 General News
Geneva, 22 May 2017: “These awards recognize companies for their exceptional achievement in maintaining safe flying operations, as well the thorough and diligent attention paid to safety in all aspects of their operations,” said EBAA President Brian Humphries. “By following safety best practices and achieving accident-free operations, these companies have proven to be admirable safety standard-bearers for the business aviation industry.”
29 May 2017 General News
Geneva, 23 May 2017: Is there a critical skills shortage looming in the business aviation sector? A recently-published study by Korn Ferry Hay Group finds that the industry needs to be prepared for such a shortage and already to begin taking remedial action. Korn Ferry Hay Group undertook the study with the support of Booz Allen Hamilton on behalf of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).
09 May 2017 General News
Brussels, 4 May 2017: Presenting the state of the European business aviation industry at its annual press conference, Brandon Mitchener, the new CEO of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), said that the sector was showing promising signs of vigour after a few years of flat figures.
04 Apr 2017 General News
Business Aviation traffic figures rose for a fifth consecutive month, thrusting ahead an additional 9%, to top off rises of 3.6% in February and 6.4% in January, compared to the same period last year. The total growth in departures, arrivals, internals and overflights in the Single European Sky area came to 6.7% for Q1 compared to 2016, for a 12-month total of 1.7% growth.
22 Mar 2017 General News
Brussels, 22 March 2017: Brandon Mitchener has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), effective 3 April 2017. A French and US citizen, Mitchener’s career as a journalist and public affairs professional spans more than 25 years in Europe, including the last 20 in Brussels.
01 Mar 2017 General News
2017 is off to a flying start, with traffic figures for Business Aviation up by 6.4% in January compared to the same month last year. This is an important milestone after two difficult years, bringing departure numbers (almost) back to levels not seen since 2014. This upturn started in Q4 2016, helping bring the year to a positive conclusion, with daily departures in the Single European Sky area up by 0.6% in 2016, compared to the previous year. Read more


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Employment opportunities from our members

Student Internship

Location: Belgium, Brussels - Member: EBAA

The EBAA is looking for an INTERN (M/F). 

You will work in a young multicultural and dynamic environment in the heart of Brussels.

The position requires an assignment on a full-time basis for a duration of 3 months, to start as soon as possible or when the school period ends. 

To read full job description and apply, please download PDF. 

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IS transition Manager

Location: Brussels, Belgium - Member: EBAA

The EBAA is looking for an Information Systems Transition Manager (M/F) on a contract (i.e. nonpermanent) basis. The place of assignment for the mission is Brussels.

EBAA has recently audited its Information Technologies capacities and its alignment & contribution to EBAA core activity. As an output, EBAA has decided to enhance its Information System (IS) capabilities through the complete redesign of its web communication and IT back-office to use state of art technologies and methodologies.

As the IS Transition Manager, your role will be to drive the process and technology transition to deliver value to EBAA Secretariat and membership. This will include the design of business processes and the management of a call for tenders to acquire the necessary resources to implement the new systems and deliver the expected benefits to the different stakeholders.
It is estimated that this mission requires an assignment on a half time basis for a duration of 6 months, with possibilities of modulating the schedule depending on project’s priorities and other assignments of the IS Transition Manager.

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Product & Account Manager

Location: Greater London area, UK - Member: Hallo Heidi LLC Solutions

This is a crucial role in the organisation, and you will be working alongside with the Operations and Sales team, as well as Finance, Marketing and Technical teams to drive forward the product strategy and implementation, negotiate contracts and optimise flight bookings. You will take an ambassadorial role representing the company within the business aviation industry.

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