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Airport Access

Fair access to airports is key to European Business Aviation. Therefore, the focus of the Working Group is aimed at ensuring that such aspects as the allocation of slots cater for the fair access to these airports of non-schedule operators. Guidelines for state aids at regional airports is also on the agenda of the working group. In particular, the efforts of the Commission regarding their modernisation will be monitored carefully.

Contact Person: Ms. Olga Krasowska, Manager, Airport Operations
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The central task is to construct a security concept focusing on the actual needs and characteristics of our business model that is progressively accepted by authorities and replaces the current rules inherited from the airlines which are not well adapted.

Contact Person: Ms. Olga Krasowska, Manager, Airport Operations
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Its main objective is to ensure that the European Emission Trading Scheme and other European and international environmental measures become as light-touch as possible for its administration but have an effective environmental impact.
Contact Person: Mr. Bruce Parry, Environment Senior Manager
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Safety / Flight Time Limitations

The Working Group focus on the following safety issues: first priority is Flight Time Limitations requirements for air taxi and single-pilot operations. EBAA Safety and FTL Working Group has produced a position and is active in the steering of the rulemaking.
Runway Performance is the subject of a joint working group whose objective is to obtain a revision of landing requirements that today limit access to a considerable number of European runways.
Commercial operations in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and at night using single engine turboprop aeroplane are under scrutiny in the dedicated EASA Rulemaking Task.

Contact Person: Ms. Corina Stiubei, Data Analysis and Performance Review Manager
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Communications Community

Business Aviation is a well-established air transport sector in Europe, having started in the 1920’s and expanding to what it is now: an industry gradually reaching maturity. There are around 800 commercial operators competing in the market, and 3,300+ Business Aviation aircraft. The industry generates close to €20bn per annum in Gross Value Added (GVA) and around 165,000 jobs.

Despite this, Business Aviation suffers from negative perception. This is evident in the European business and political circles, and takes its toll in two important areas: 1) Ill-suited regulations, e.g. access to airports, EU-ETS, ground handling, FTL, etc.; and 2) Difficulty of economic rebound, post 2008 financial crisis.

The EBAA leads a Communications Community made up of PR and Marketing professionals representing EBAA member companies. Connecting on a regular basis, the community shares information and resources, and engages in united efforts to illustrate the value of Business Aviation as an industry in and for Europe.


Contact Person: Mr. Eric Drosin, Communications Director
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