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Reporting Suspected Non-compliant Operations/Activities

It is in the best interests – in terms of safety, reputation and business – of everyone involved with Business Aviation to ensure that flights advertised and arranged are both legal and in compliance with the regulatory safety standards demanded of AOC holders.

If you are a passenger, crew member, or anyone else who suspects a non-compliant Business Aviation activity, please report the activity to EBAA through this web-form.

Why report?

A campaign to curb non-compliant activities must be built on concrete facts and case studies that define the importance of the phenomenon and help the association and authorities to understand the motivations behind the activities. Effective countermeasures can only be developed if the trends are correctly identified.

What will EBAA do with my report?

The information you provide to EBAA will be used to produce an initial aggregated report on non-compliant activities. This report will help us to develop tailor-made solutions to address the non-compliant activity issue, which can then be presented to national authorities.

Will my personal details be published?

No. All information provided will be kept confidential. Only aggregate data will be provided in our final report.

How to report:

  1. Complete this ‘reporting suspected non-compliant operations’ form; and
  2. (optional) Upload any additional documentation that could be helpful to understand the suspected infringement.

Details of company/individual being reported:

Nature of business:


Details of suspected non-compliant activity:

Type of non-compliance*:

  • 1. TCO without AOC: Third Country Operator (TCO) undertaking commercial air transport operations without valid Airline Operating Certificate (AOC).
  • 2. EU Operator undertaking commercial operations without AOC. Corporate/private operator performing commercial transport without a valid Airline Operating Certificate (AOC).
  • 3. Lacking Traffic Rights: Third Country Operator (TCO) undertaking commercial flights without the required traffic rights.
  • 4. Defective certification: EU operator not fully maintaining EU safety requirements (EG Part-CAT and Part-NCC) as defined in Operating Manual and Certificates.
  • 5. Illegal goods & services: EU operator/TCO transports illegal goods, also persons or goods without proper declaration, over borders or provides illegal services through flight operations.
  • 6. Non-compliant operation: EU operator does not comply with EU regulations and requirements during flight (airworthiness non-compliance).
  • 7. Tax evasion: EU operator avoids VAT & associated duties on purchase of goods and services such as fuel and handling costs.

Suspected frequency of non-compliant activities:

Detailed description of non-compliant activity (with supporting documents if available):

(optional) Details of company/individual submitting report:

Are you willing to provide additional details to the suspected non-compliant activity reported?

(optional) Upload any additional documentation that could be helpful to understand the suspected infringement.