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Safety / FTL

EBAA is actively involved in the regulatory activities of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), contributing to EASA working groups to ensure that both corporate and commercial Business Aviation operators in Europe enjoy a performance-based, coherent, fully harmonized set of rules at European level in the coming years, and taking the lead in helping members to respond to the current rulemaking process.

EBAA is also extensively involved in the Flight Time Limitations (FTL) debate and it is developing a Fatigue Risk Management System for Business Aviation Operators.

EBAA also provides Business Aviation community members with informative material (including regular newsletters and workshops) about the implementation of the IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) programme.

The International Business Aviation Council, together with Member Associations (including EBAA), has produced a Safety Management System (SMS) Toolkit to help commercial Air Taxi operators comply with the new ICAO rule for Member States to require all commercial operators to implement an SMS in 2009, a requirement that is likely soon to be extended to all operators of complex motor powered aircraft.

EBAA and Associate Member Gates Aviation have developed, in collaboration with an ERP Steering Group, an Emergency Response Planning Guidance Manual for European operators. Providing generic guidance on policies and procedures, it will assist you in compiling specific responsibilities, duties and tasks in preparation for a major event.

For more information about the ERP Manual, please click here.

For more information on FTL please contact Mr. Belarmino Paradela. 

For more information on Safety matters, please contact Ms. Corina Stiubei.

SMS and ERP workshops are held regularly for the benefit of the industry. Should you wish to inquire about the upcoming events, please contact Ms. Bianca Dorneanu, Events Operations Manager.

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