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Aviation Taxes in Europe

Several EU-wide taxes affect business aviation (e.g. the emissions trading system, EU ETS). On top of those taxes, European countries are beginning to impose even more taxes at a national level. The UK’s Air Passenger Duty (APD) and Italy’s luxury tax are just two examples. With all of the additional taxes being enforced at different levels throughout Europe, the EBAA has been working with local authorities and national associations to try to minimize the impact on business aviation.  

As a service to our members, the EBAA provides a customised version of the web platform, developed by FL3XX, which allows operators to clarify which taxes apply to them. offers you the most accurate estimation of the taxes that must be paid to the departure and arrival countries, based on the parameters that are entered into the calculator. The results are based on the latest information available from the national authorities.

The EBAA has also prepared a snapshot of all taxes in Europe affecting aviation, and specifically business aviation. This document can be viewed here: Aviation Taxes in Europe: A Snapshot (September 2015)

The EBAA is keen to have your feedback on the Paxtax and the Snapshot of Aviation Taxes in Europe. Feedback can be given directly through the Paxtax platform, or by emailing Vanessa Rullier-Francaud