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Quarterly Insight

The Quarterly Insight, made in collaboration with WINGX Advance, aims at shedding light on the sector through seasonal data on business aviation activity. In particular, the movements, the top-10 airports, and the type of aircraft used are analysed and reported. 

The Reports are available here:

Q1 2013 Report

Q2 2013 Report

Q3 2013 Report

Q4 2013 Report

Q1 2014 Report

Q2 2014 Report

Q3 2014 Report

Q4 2014 Report

Q3 2015 Report

Q4 2015 Report

Q1 2016 Report

Q2 2016 Report

Q3 2016 Report

Q4 2016 Report

Q1 2017 Report

Q2 2017 Report

Q3 2017 Report