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The Business Aviation Community

Commercial Operators

Commercial operations with business aircraft are Air Charter operations. Also known as Air Taxi or Executive Charter, Air Charter refers to the renting of an entire aircraft from a charter operator by a company or individual to aid the conduct of their business. Commercial operations are always conducted by organizations holding an Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which is identical to that held by the major airlines.

Corporate Operators

For Corporate operations, companies own or lease whole aircraft, which are used to aid the conduct of their business. Companies employ professional crews to fly the aircraft for non-commercial operations.

Fractional Ownership

With Fractional Ownership, individuals or companies purchase a partial interest in an aircraft that is operated by a fractional programme manager. Fractional owners have the right to use any comparable aircraft in the fleet, on demand, for a predetermined number of hours each year. As is the case with Commercial Operators, fractional programme managers employ professional crews to fly the aircraft.

Managed Aircraft

Managed Aircraft are operated either privately or for commercial charter by licensed service providers on behalf of owners. Aircraft Management providers oversee a range of issues for their "owner clients”, to include aircraft operation, regulatory control, dispatch, maintenance, crewing and training.

Service Providers

Business aviation service providers include manufacturers, airport operators, fixed base operators (FBOs), training providers, flight planning services, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies. Each plays an essential role in the industry.

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