Industry Study Warns of Looming Skills Shortage in Business Aviation

Geneva, 23 May 2017:  Is there a critical skills shortage looming in the business aviation sector? A recently-published study by Korn Ferry Hay Group finds that the industry needs to be prepared for such a shortage and already to begin taking remedial action. Korn Ferry Hay Group undertook the study with the support of Booz Allen Hamilton on behalf of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

"This study is an advance warning that we need to raise awareness among our members and in the wider industry and find ways to attract more talent to the sector,” says EBAA CEO Brandon Mitchener. "This includes developing a compelling brand proposition for the sector, concerted talent marketing activities, initiatives to attract more women, and a sector-wide information plan.”

The study investigates whether there are current skills shortages within the European Business Aviation sector and examines the likelihood of future workforce shortages. It assesses the workforce situation on a regional basis, including a comparative study of Europe, North America and Asia. In addition, the study gauges the attractiveness of a career in Business Aviation to students and graduates and appraises the validity of proposed solutions to workforce shortages within the sector.

The study findings concluded that there was little awareness of workforce shortages within business aviation, that there is evidence of increased demand for highly skilled aviation professionals and that regional differences in demand for skilled aviation professionals will rapidly increase. 

"Our consultants suggest a comprehensive strategy consisting of a number of initiatives to be taken in order to positively influence the workforce supply side of the problem, starting by making the industry wake up to the looming labour shortage,” says Christian Weiss, project director for Korn Ferry Hay Group.

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