Calls for Tender

Here below are the calls for tender launched by EBAA. Calls for tender are categorised by their status, and the submission procedure for current calls is mentioned in the supporting documents below.

This page will be updated on a continual basis, so please be sure to check it regularly. The information presented on this page and in the supporting documents is not binding in any way.

EBAA welcomes your interest in our activities. If you have any questions regarding a specific call for tender, please contact the person listed and they will be happy to assist you.

If you are not replying to a specific call for tender but would like to present your organisation’s services to EBAA, please send an email to

Current Calls for Tender

Name Submission Deadline Documents Contact FAQ (if applicable)
Information Systems Redesign

Impact Assessment of Brexit on the Aviation Sector 
17 July 2017

1 Sept 2017

Romain Muller

Vanessa Rullier

Joint Declaration European Aviation 

EBAA call for  tender Q&A

Communications Toolkit
18 May 2016
Agency Brief
Romain Muller
Re-Design of the IT system
25 November 2016
Call for tender Romain

Development of a software to demonstrate the productivity gains of using Business Aviation 25 November 2016 Call for tender

Closed Calls for Tender

Name Submission Deadline Documents Contact Public Results
Business Aviation Traffic Live Map
16 October 2015
Live Display of Business Aviation Traffic in Europe
Romain Muller

Analysis of the Shortage of Skills in the European Business Aviation Sector 26 May 2015 Call for Tender Romain Muller TBA
Business Aviation Perception Study 1 May 2015 Call for Interest Ciel Jolley N/A
Economic Impact of the Business Aviation Sector on the European Economy 3 November 2014 Terms of Reference Belarmino G. Paradela TBA

Possible Future Calls for Tender

(This is for information only. EBAA does not confirm that a call for tender on these topics will be launched.)

Provisional Name  Contact