Business Aviation – boosting regional opportunities & connectivity


9 October 2018


12:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Business Aviation – boosting regional opportunities & connectivity

Join us for a high-level lunch-debate on how Business Aviation benefits regional employment and connectivity across the European Union.

The European Business Aviation Association is organising this debate to showcase the positive impact of the Business Aviation industry for European regional growth and development.

Thanks to its role as a local employer and its ability to provide connections with remote regions in Europe, Business Aviation creates important opportunities for local economies outside the main aviation hubs. The event will highlight the challenges and opportunities faced by regions and cities when it comes to Business Aviation transport. In addition, it will address how the Business Aviation industry addresses global challenges and what the next generations expect from the industry.

Panellists will be debating some of the key topics in the industry, including:

  • How Business Aviation can support local employment, the stimulation of economic growth and investment across Europe’s regions and cities;
  • The role of Business Aviation in increasing connectivity at EU level and its importance for regional and smaller airports;
  • Innovation as an intrinsic feature of the industry: expectations of next generations on the evolution of transport and how it can benefit regional communities.

Keep checking this page: a detailed agenda and list of panellists will be available soon.

Please note: We have limited space so get your tickets ASAP.