By Corina Stiubei

EASA publishes results of UAM societal acceptance study

On 19 May, EASA shared the results of a comprehensive study on public perception of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions, conducted over a period of 6 months.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) conducted a comprehensive study on the societal acceptance of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) across Europe, to measure EU citizens’ preparedness to accept this new mode of transport and collect their possible concerns and expectations, for instance, related to safety, security, privacy and environmental impact.

The survey showed that:

  • 83% of respondents have a positive initial attitude towards UAM,
  • with 71% ready to try out UAM services,
  • Cases in the common interest, such as in emergencies or for medical transportation received strong support.

The online quantitative survey polled 4,000 citizens in six European urban areas. This was complemented by more than 40 qualitative interviews, as well as a noise simulation test. The cities chosen for the online survey were Barcelona, Budapest, Hamburg, Milan, Öresund (Danish-Swedish cross-border area) and Paris, with a minimum of 600 people from each location invited to respond. These cities were selected via a standard market analysis and the survey recipients selected to be representative of a cross-section of the local population of each city.

EBAA was invited to participate in an interview with EASA to provide their perspectives, notably concerning the strategy, expectations, points of attention, risks and concerns that should be addressed, as well as the possible ways to mitigate these risks or concerns.

The objective of these interviews is for EASA to capture expectations and concerns to best address them in future regulations.

EASA will use the study results to prepare an impact assessment and regulatory proposal for Urban Air Mobility in Europe in 2022.

The study and the additional materials are available on the Urban Air Mobility page.

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