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Updates on PNR fines in Poland

Some of our members are receiving fines lately from the Polish border guard for PNR issues 3 years ago. Speaking to our Polish contacts it was indicated to the EBAA that it is apparently an administrative move to keep the penalties alive while an abolition bill is moving through the Polish parliament. Since this bill is moving slow it was suggested the EBAA send an open letter to the ministry of interior explaining that Poland is the only country acting like this and that the penalties are unreasonable, and that the amendment of the law should get more urgency.  So far we understand unofficially that besides Business Aviation operators also a number of large commercial airlines are penalised.

The suggestion of our Polish partners is: appeal before any payments is done There is of course a risk in this and the EBAA suggests to keep a good eye on the payment details and make your own judgement whether to pay or not. If you do pay and the rule is abolished, you will most likely not get your money back. Please note that is not legal advice and we suggest contacting a lawyer if in doubt.

The EBAA is due to send a letter to the Polish authorities on this issue and will keep you posted.

Please ensure that going forward your PNR requirements either through a link in your Flight Ops software if available or through a specialised company like EBAA member PNRGO  who has a special rate for EBAA members:

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