Connected World of Aviation Committee (CWA) meets at EBACE

Published on

May 30, 2018

Geneva, Switzerland: CWA committee of EBAA, had its meeting on the first day of EBACE 2018. The main topics of the gathering were ideas on how to make the aviation market understand new technologies, agreeing on main points of data standardisation and setting up the cooperation of CWA members for the following year.

It is really important for the industry to have a common understanding of the data standards and build up exchange of it

Paolo Sommariva, CWA Chairman and CEO/Founder of FL3XX

Collaborations in CWA and other EBAA committees were discussed. All the members agreed on implementing unified communication between them and expressed the need of creating a common forum to discuss further developments of the EBAA committees.

Representants of the Lawyers’ Committee Giulia Mauri and Frederique Jos  – joined the meeting and presented two projects. First “Mediation 4 Aviation” which was created in cooperation with Paolo Sommariva. The new platform is dedicated to the aviation sector as a mediation tool and offered by trained mediators with an in-depth knowledge of the sector. The second “Tax Calculator”  which would help calculate the taxes on specified flights (created by FL3XX with support of EBAA)

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