Update: EBAA Working Group on EASA NPA 2017-17 (FTL)

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December 15, 2017

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December 2017: EBAA WORKING GROUP ON EASA NPA 2017-17 (FTL)

First version raises concerns, EBAA to coordinate feedback, planning

On 27 October 2017 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued the Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) 2017-17 on the “Development of FTL for commercial air transport operations of emergency medical services by aeroplanes and helicopters and update and harmonisation of FTL for commercial air transport by aeroplane for air taxi operations and single-pilot operations”.

This NPA was developed by EASA based on the input of the rulemaking groups (RMG) RMT.0492 and RMT.0493, in which EBAA participated together with representatives from competent authorities and the industry. This NPA is now open for consultation until 31st January 2018.



A first analysis of the NPA by EBAA’s working group (24 November) raised a number of concerns, which the EBAA secretariat will compile, analyse and share with you for feedback by late-December 2017.

The overall timeline for the EBAA/FTL Working Group is currently as follows:

  • 7 December 2017: EBAA has requested revision of published NPA to incorporate agreed concepts together with a delay for the consultation
  • 15 December 2017: EASA has not agreed to a new official deadline but EBAA may send comments later
  • EBAA/FTL Working Group review revised NPA and report to members as soon as available
  • 1st week of January conference call FTL work group
  • 2nd week of January 2018: FTL webinar to gather member feedback on NPA (date to confirmed)
  • Before 31st of January: EBAA members to submit feedback to EASA in coordination with EBAA
  • Q2/Q3 2018 (earliest): Proposal to European Commission (Opinion) (3) to be issued
  • Q2/Q3 2019 (earliest): Adoption (4) by European Commission
  • Q2/Q3 2019 (earliest): Final decision + CS available (5) by 2019/Q2 or Q3 at the earliest

The EBAA Secretariat has prioritised this issue given its considerable potential financial and operational impact.

For technical questions, please contact:
Picture of Belarmino Goncalves Paradela
Belarmino Goncalves Paradela Senior Manager, Economics and Operational Activities

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