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EASA’s basic regulations

Position paper on European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)’s basic regulations

In January 2016, the EBAA published this position paper to review the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)’s basic regulations.

The position paper outlines the position in a specific way to address the concerns of business aviation. The outline of the report is as follows:

PART I – The five principles underlying a successful review

I – A safety body as a one-stop shop: EASA to expend its scope of activities

II – A harmonised interpretation and implementation of legislation

III – Performance and risk assessment as benchmarks

IV – Proportionality

V – One size does not fit all: adaptability of legislation to sector specificities

PART II – Specific needs of a specific sector

I – Flight and Duty Time Limitations

II – Runway Performance

ANNEX I consists of the Forthcoming Revision of EASA’s Basic Regulation Joint Comments from AEA, EBAA, ELFAA, ERA, EEA, IACA and IATA on EASA’s Opinion.

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