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How to talk to the Network Manager

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October 16, 1987

How to talk to the Network Manager

During the VOLCEX19 I had the opportunity to be inside the Network Manager Operational Centre  (NMOC) for a full day of the exercise. There were some low activity periods during the exercise and therefore some opportunities to talk about the day-to-day operations with NMOC staff. As most of you are aware, there is a function called AOLO or Aircraft Operators Liaison Officer. These officers deal directly with assisting operators on finding solutions to flight planning issues. Two things emerged when I discussed with them that could be beneficial to EBAA operators to know and I promised to pass on:

If you do not have the immediate support of a dispatch office with a link to the NM/AOLO and file your flight plans yourself, put your contact number in the RMK field when filing. If there is an issue with the planed route you will be contacted to work out a solution. AOLO sometimes spend a long time trying to figure out how to get in direct contact with the operator or crew.

Be clear on your priorities when talking with the Network Manager as you are finding a solution to a routing. NM and AOLO are very much thinking in airline terms, efficiency from a fuel, cost and time perspective is primary. An airline may choose to cancel or delay if the rerouting is to long. This may not always be the case for business aviation operations, as the priority might be different and solutions such as staying at lower levels are acceptable.

Written by Johan Glantz, Senior Manager Safety at EBAA

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