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Incident Report: Frozen Ailerons

What are ‘incident reports’? Incident reports are real-life cases that have been de-identified, meaning identifiable information such as stations and aircraft type, has been removed. The purpose of incident reports is to share learnings and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

After take-off, during the climbing phase, the flight crew received intermittent messages about the ailerons on both left and right. The AutoPilot was disconnected and while the control of the aileron was very hard, it was not impossible. Nevertheless, the aileron control was made easier by the functioning aileron trim. After consulting the checklist, the crew reached the conclusion that the ailerons must be frozen and decided to continue to the destination, knowing the weather there was very good. The crew also discussed an alternate procedure – flying a missed approach and diverting to the alternate – for the case in which the flight controls would not return to normal once the air temperature becomes positive. The decision to continue to the destination paid off, as the controls returned to normal during the approach phase when the ailerons defrosted.

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