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Safety Meetings (December 2019)

EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG) 45 – 8/9 October

The three topics that stood out in the agenda are the Network Manager’s proposals for the Top 5 collaborative operational safety priorities (ACAS RA not followed, Risk of operations without transponder or with dysfunctional one, Controller blind spot, Sudden high-energy runway conflict and Controller detection of occupied runway), Controller Blind Spot and Call Sign Similarity Service and Call Sign Confusion.

For additional information, please contact us at safety@ebaa.org.

EASA Commercial Aircraft Safety Committee (CAS.COM) – 10 October

Half day meeting at EASA mainly focusing on the final draft of EPAS 2020-2024 and the upcoming start of work for EPAS 2021-2025. For more info on the importance of EPAS, please read the dedicated article and for additional information, please contact us at safety@ebaa.org.

SAB 03-2019 – 29/30 October

The highest level of advisory body ae EASA level, dedicated to the industry representatives, mainly at strategic level. They are informed, briefed and consulted on up-and coming topics and planned activities at EASA.

For additional information, please contact us at safety@ebaa.org.

EASA Annual Safety Conference – 4/5 November

Two-day EASA event focused this year on Air Ops. Five panels covering topics such as Winter operations, Digitalisation in Aviation, Aircraft Leasing, Enhancing SMS resilience when faced with commercial pressure and A vision for the future – Ensuring safe operations in 2020 and beyond.

You can find the proceedings on the EASA website and the recordings of the full panel discussions on YouTube.

EBAA Safety Summit 19 – 12/13 November

The 2019 edition of the Safety Summit covered an array of topics, out of which, Runway performance appeared as a leitmotif over the two days. This year’s event featured five break-out sessions, facilitating exchanges between attendees and session moderators and placing the spotlight on: Safety Performance Indicators for smaller operators, Safety in Ground Handling, New Technological Solutions, Identifying the top safety concerns for business aviation and Pilot Peer Assistance.

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VOLCEX19 – 19 November

EBAA’s Senior Safety Manager, Johan Glantz, manned the Aircraft Operators Crisis Coordination Cell (AOCCC) position in the Network Manager Operational Centre (NMOC) during this year’s VOLCanic ash Exercise (VOLCEX). The exercise was a good opportunity for aircraft operators to test their own internal crisis organization and communications and many of them participated to various extents, though mostly in a passive observation mode while taking the opportunity to test their own internal procedures.

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DG MOVE Industry stakeholders’ workshop on the evaluation of Regulation (EU) 376/2014 – 25 November

On the 25th of November, the EBAA attended the Industry stakeholder workshop on the evaluation of Regulation (EU) 376/2014, addressing occurrence reporting. In view of this consultation process, EBAA has initiated a draft position paper and we would like to invite all our readers to send us examples of issues they identified in the Regulation (EU) 376/2014 and/or the subsequent list of occurrences in Regulation (EU) 2015/1018.

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EASA Business Jet Workshop – 3/4 December

Taking place at EASA’s Headquarters, this was the first EASA event directly focused on Business Jet Aircraft. Organized by the Certification Directorate as a 2-day event, it tackled the aircraft certification process, as well as bridging the certification specifications with operational regulation. Depending on the feedback received from the participants, EASA will decide whether it will be a recurrent event.

The event proceedings are available here

FS.TeC (incl. Aicrew and FCL Working Groups) – 3 December

One day meeting with EASA, FCL.TeB (Member States), FS.TeC FCL (Industry) and FCL.TPG (Expert Group). Mainly focused on Flight Crew Licensing. Clarifying interpretations and identifying areas with need to change.

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EBAA – GAMA Maintenance meeting –
4 December

Annual EBAA – GAMA maintenance organization meeting preceding the EASA SAB sub-group EM.TeC. A number of industry issues were discussed and coordinated in preparation for the EM.TeC. A joint statement from the two associations is being prepared, to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

Additional Meetings and Working Groups

– Commercial Air Transport Aeroplane Collaborative Analysis Group (CAT.Aero.CAG)
– Engineering and Maintenance Technical Committee (EM.TeC)
– General Aviation Committee (GA.COM)
– EASA/IBAC meeting, discussing IS-BAO as a recognized Alternate Means of Compliance

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