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Safety Meetings (July 2019 Report)

Safety Forum 2019

Brussels | 4-5 June 2019

This year’s theme for EUROCONTROL’s Annual Safety Forum was “Safety and Procedures”. Following the initial welcoming speeches from the organisers Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL and ERAA the presentations from industry were given, divided into three streams:

  • From drawing board to published regulation
  • Procedural Shortcomings
  • Technology & Science

The event has a specific target of producing deliverables, called Findings, that are compiled during breakout sessions which follow one of the three streams. To set the scene for the breakout sessions, each stream features four plenary presentations. Each of the Safety Forum Findings is one of the following:

  • A risk or a credible projection of one likely to be encountered in the near future,
  • A current risk factor or a credible projection of one
  • A risk scenario that describes how risk factors combine to create an unwanted outcome.

The findings are then used to develop safety improvement strategies which can prevent, contain or mitigate a specify risk illustrated by the finding. As proceeding, the Safety Forum formulates a series of Action Opportunities to respond to the safety improvement strategies. During the 2019 Safety Forum EBAA contributed to the Action Opportunities related to the sessions “From drawing board to Published regulation” and “Technology & Science”.

The presentations given at the Safety Forum and the deliverables can be found on Skybrary:

Presentations and Findings and Strategies and Action Opportunities

Annual European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell Workshop

Brussels | 18-19 June 2019

EBAA attended the annually Annual European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC) workshop as a member of the Aircraft Operator Crisis Coordination Cell (AOCCC).  Most of the participants were the designated State Focal Points (SFP) in case of EACCC activation and/or their alternates. The focus of the workshop was on updating the EACCC risk register, that only covers risks that can cause Network-wide disruptions and SFP Guidance material. The EACCC were also updated on operators view on Network disruptions and what the AOCCC can assist with in case of a crisis affecting the network.

EASA Stakeholders’ Advisory Body Plenary meeting

Brussels | 25-26 June 2019

Several updates on current issues being addressed by EASA was given during the plenary meeting. Noteworthy is the update on Fees & Charges Regulation and the EASA task force on Ground Handling that are preparing the RMT and its ToR that will be launched later this year. EBAA asked for and got the approval from the SAB Plenary to organise a Business Aviation Task Force with the purpose of producing a paper or presentation on proportional regulation for Business Aviation operating under CAT rules.

EASA workshop on ex-post evaluation of rules on pilot training, testing and checking

Brussels | 2-3 July 2019

EASA has commissioned an independent contractor, ALG, to study the current regulation on Flight Crew Licensing (FCL) as a suitability check. This exercise is to see determine whether the regulation needs an update in the coming years. The workshop was the first presentation to regulators and industry outside of EASA of the results. The full study is still undergoing drafting by ALG and this WS gathered industry representatives together with regulator representatives from Competent Authorities to comment on ten findings on the current FCL that AGL has identified during the study. The full report with recommendation is planned to be published during late 2019.

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