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The European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell

The European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC) was created following the eruption of volcano Eyjafjallajökul. The closures and restrictions by EU states for air traffic in the state airspace were at times uncoordinated and so was reopening of airspace after the ash event.

To avoid a similar situation in the future in the event of a similar risk to aviation covering the airspace of multiple states the European commission created EACCC, European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell, simultaneously the Airspace Operators in Europe created AOCCC Airspace Operators Crisis Coordination Cell.

The EACCC consists of one representative from each EU member state and then also one representative from the Commission, EASA, EUROCONTROL, Network Manager (NM), military, ANSP’s, Airports and Airspace Operators each. For the next coming three years, Airspace operators are represented by IATA.

The EACCC is co-chaired by NM and the Commission representatives and each state member is the State Focal Point for coordinating cross-state crisis management actions in the event of a crisis in Europe that affects the aviation network in Europe. The EACCC is activated by the NM when there is an event that can or does affect the aviation network in Europe, the most obvious event is perhaps a volcanic eruption with drifting ash clouds, nuclear disasters etc. Basically, any event that has the potential to affect the European aviation Network as a whole or a large region of Europe where coordination of actions taken by states is needed can trigger the EACCC.

When the EACCC was created the Airspace operator organisations invited to have representation in the EACCC, (A4E/AIRE/EBAA/ERAA/IATA) created AOCCC, Air Operator Crisis Coordination Cell. The AOCCC is more closely tied to the NM daily operations and is activated in the event of a potential operational disruption event to assist and augment the NM as well as interact with Operators when needed.

The participation in AOCCC is voluntary and consist of individual members nominated to represent a wide range of members covering different expertise and operations. Pilot and Business aviation is currently represented in the AOCCC by a member of EBAA staff.

When activated the AOCCC will be represented in the NM Operations Centre at a dedicated AOCCC position for as long as needed by voluntary and available AOCCC members.

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