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Safety Committee

Safety comes first for all aviation. EBAA promotes the use of best practices for all members, including approaches to reduce risk and implement initiatives to improve safety. EBAA communicates changes in safety rules and regulations to help members understand and respond.



The objectives of the EBAA Safety Committee are to enhance operational safety of the EBAA member organisations, through risk identification and mitigation, as well as the development of industry-leading safety practices which will further advance the high standards of Business aviation.

To attain this objective, the Committee will advise, educate, and consult with EBAA members and the EBAA Board of Governors on safety issues related to business aviation operations to improve the overall safety culture in the industry.

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Please get in touch with the EBAA contact point or the Committee Chair.

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Corina Meindl Manager, Safety and Advanced Air Mobility
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Stan Medved Safety Committee Chair

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