Industry data

High-quality, verified and reliable data is essential to support sound, economic and political decision-making. For this purpose, EBAA consistently aims to provide a comprehensive set of statistics about the Business aviation sector that can be used by all stakeholders, through engaging infographics, maps and data visualisations.

About our data tools and services

EBAA make a number of tools and services available to members and the Business aviation community.

  • Yearbook: digital and interactive visual summary of European business aviation’s contribution across Europe, published yearly (public and member versions available).
  • E-STAT dashboard: Business aviation traffic data updated monthly (members only).
  • Osprey alerts: live security alerts on emerging incidents, event and situations around the world that impact the aviation security environment (operator members only).
  • Traffic and Fleet trackers: monthly reports providing a comprehensive overview of Business aviation traffic trends, and European aircraft registrations.

EBAA can provide members or interested parties with tailored data analysis. Please write to Arthur Thomas to submit your question or request (

EBAA Yearbook

Each year, EBAA publishes a visual summary of European business aviation’s contribution across Europe. The data we compile and share is critical to our members and industry stakeholders alike, including European policy-makers and regulators.

The contribution of Business aviation is not always well understood and few organisations have been able to determine the value, impact and business benefits that our sector truly makes. This report does exactly that.

This annual statistical report is prepared using EUROCONTROL and WingX data.

Note that the full report is only accessible to members. To see the complete set of data and analysis, please log in or join us.


E-STAT (EBAA Statistics, Tables and Analytics Tools) is an online dashboard offering a wide variety of Business aviation traffic data allowing users to manipulate and filter information by month, country, airport and even aircraft.

Different from the Yearbook, E-STAT is a live service with traffic data updated monthly.

This member-only service is made possible with our partners from WingX Advance.

Osprey live aviation security alerts

EBAA has partnered with Osprey Flight Solutions to provide operator members access to live alerts on emerging incidents, events and situations that have an impact on the aviation security environment. The partnership allows EBAA operator members to gain access to  Osprey’s premium standard & critical alerts, at no cost.

EBAA is always working to provide members with best practises and guidance – safety is top priority in aviation. These alerts offer our members’ flight departments an additional source of last-minute safety and security info to boost their operational risk management.

To receive Osprey alerts or find out more, operator members should contact EBAA’s Membership team (

Traffic and fleet trackers

Every month, EBAA publishes two publicly-available Business aviation reports providing a comprehensive overview of Business aviation traffic trends, and European aircraft registrations.

Traffic tracker: this monthly report looks at Business aviation traffic trends in Europe. It provides YoY comparisons and insights into overall trends, along with comparative graphs. Users will also find detailed information on European business aviation traffic, broken down by geography and week. The report is made possible thanks to EUROCONTROL data and the support of WingX.

Fleet tracker: In addition to the traffic tracker, EBAA also publishes a fleet tracker using data provided by JETNET. Different from the traffic tracker, the fleet tracker provides an overview of Business aviation aircraft registered and based in Europe