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Sales and Acquisitions Committee (AMAC)

The Sales and Acquisitions Committee includes Business aviation sales and acquisitions professionals that work towards developing and sharing best practices to improve the aircraft acquisition experience within the sector.



The objectives of the Sales and Acquisition committee are to educate the Business aviation sector as to what to expect in an aircraft sales transaction and what resources they should seek out to aid them in the process. It also aims to define new methodologies and instruments to help support sales and acquisitions teams for the specific needs of Business aviation.

The Committee also promotes the idea that experienced representation provided by a professional in each of the disciplines related to the sales and acquisition of aircraft will help the consumer avoid the pitfalls that are numerous throughout an entire sales process.

Do you want to join or find out more?

Please get in touch with the EBAA contact point or the Committee Chair

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Janine K. Iannarelli AMAC Chair
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Eric Lewin Sales and Acquisitions Vice Chair

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