By Vanessa Rullier-Francaud

COVID-19: Coordination is vital for proper recovery in airspace management

In these times of crisis, coordination is vital to develop joint solutions which will ease a quick return to normal flight operations.

The Network Manager at EUROCONTROL, has done just that with the publication of the European Network Operations Recovery Plan. The plan is a consolidated European network overview, and a particular version of the Network Operations Plan adapted to the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Network Manager has steered this coordination for weeks now among airports, air navigation service providers and airspace users, to ensure that the level of service matches the level of traffic demand during the whole recovery phase.

The latest version of the particular plan is a six-week outlook. It will be updated regularly and in use until the end of the summer. The Network Manager will then build a version of the (‘normal’) Network Operations Plan when better predictability on the level of air traffic demand is available.

Flight operations are slowly restarting. Since the European Network Operations Recovery Plan is based on air traffic demand, air operators are invited to share their flight plans with the Network Manager. While acknowledging that Business aviation operators fly on-demand, EUROCONTROL has invited our sector to share any flight schedules to improve predictability of the summer traffic further.

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