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EBAA adds 45 companies to membership

The summer and early Autumn months have seen an uptick in members joining the EBAA, with many citing EBAA’s bolstered data services and operational updates as a reason for joining.

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Aurora Minciu of International Charter Desk, a charter broker based in Romania said that she wished to draw on the expertise within the EBAA’s network to ensure that her company worked to the highest standards of professionalism. She added that she is very keen to support the association’s charter broker’s committee’s efforts to combat fraud, promote professionalism and standardise contracts between brokers and operators.

Meanwhile Jarle Granheim COO of Norwegian operator Airwing AG said that EBAA’s data services were one of the main drivers behind his company’s decision to join the association. “In these uncertain times, we want to know where we stand on the market, and to be updated on any relevant operational, safety or security development. We already made use of some of the EBAA’s resources and wished to deepen the relationship further.

iFuel AG, is the newest fuel supplier to enter the market but with focus in innovation and sustainability. The company joined the EBAA to enhance its network while also contributing to the association’s sustainable initiatives.

Finally ASQS offers an integrated, web-based Safety, Quality and Risk Management solution for the aviation industry. According to their CEO Guenther Schindl, EBAA offers an excellent platform for them to continue to grow their footprint among Business aviation operators.

Also joining the EBAA since July are: Flight Generation Group, PrimeValue Trading ltd, Marvelair Aircraft Management, AMR Aviation, Jetsetter, Nawa Aero, RA Consulting, Ana Balat Ltd, Tamir Airways, QAS Quality Airport Service Ltd, Jet Ways Ltd, Attitude Aerospace gmbH, City Jet Luftfahrt GmbH, Deloitte, Gulfstream Austria, PrivateOps GmbH, Irish Air services, ASQS, ART Aviation, Aviation Bridge, AirCamo, Aureus Business Aviation, CMV-Christian Mädel Versicherungsmakler Gmbh, Textron Aviation, Jetbee Czech, iFuel, Airlink Luftverkehrs GmbH, MS Aviation, JMX Travel, Aviowiki, HondaJet , Mesotis, Aerohandling Global Air Charter, Raiffeisen, International Jet Management, IBGA, Aviagreene Solutions, Jet O’ Clock, Queen of Clubs, Flaero Foundation, M.B. Rent and Neste Components.

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