EBAA charts its course to becoming a stronger association following a successful AGM2024

This year's EBAA AGM was a landmark edition that set a new course for the association towards providing invaluable value to its membership...

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EBAA’s Annual General Assembly (AGM) represents the most important moment in the life of the association since its foundation in 1977. This year was no exception, as it provided an opportunity for the EBAA Secretariat to convene, engage in candid discussions, and gather honest feedback from members. This input is decisive in enhancing the association’s daily efforts to represent and provide value to the European business aviation community.

AMAC Members convene to discuss key topics in business aviation

The AGM2024 was preceded by a full day dedicated to the Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC), a vital organ within EBAA which advises the EBAA Board of Governors on areas of interest to the membership and acts as the bridge between EBAA and our associate members.

Under the leadership of Janine K. Iannarelli, AMAC Chair and Filippo Arcaleni, AMAC Vice-Chair, AMAC Members convened in 8 working groups to discuss a variety of crucial topics for the business aviation industry.

AGM2024 takes off: A challenging 2023 and renewed efforts to strengthen the association

The following day, the AGM officially commenced. This year’s AGM held special importance as it was the first one with EBAA’s Secretary General Holger Krahmer holding the centre stick of the association. Holger was supported in steering the AGM by our President Juergen Wiese.

Holger kicked off the assembly, highlighting the challenges faced by the sector in 2023 – a tumultuous year for business aviation, marked by several threats emerging from the political and media landscape. Despite these challenges, EBAA succeeded in advancing the interests of its members by deploying a set of targeted advocacy actions while expanding our membership base and providing valuable services to the existing members, including the AmbassadorProgramme, AMAC, industry data reports, as well as the organisation of successful events such as the SafetySummit, the EuropeanBusinessAviationSummit, EBACE, and AIROPS.

Looking ahead, Holger presented a plan to further strengthen EBAA and make it a robust association fit for the challenges that lie ahead in an increasingly complex and ever-evolving political and geopolitical environment.

EBAA’s Board of Governors (BOG) adds two new thoughtful business aviation leaders

The AGM also saw the election of Helene Niedhart, CEO of Cat Aviation AG, and David Van Den Langenbergh, Chief Industry Affairs Officer at Luxaviation Group, to the EBAA Board of Governors (BoG), recognising their longstanding commitment to serving EBAA values and objectives. The association welcomes two thoughtful leaders, whose contributions will add invaluable value to our membership.

Concluding the AGM with a call to resilience: The inspirational session of Charlotte Storey

The Assembly concluded with the inspiring story of Charlotte Storey, who overcame disability with her tenacious spirit, continuing to pursue her passions and becoming a pilot. Charlotte offered profound insights into how society mistakenly perceives disability, sparking reflections on how, as temporarily able-bodied individuals, we should all embrace a mindset focused on the things we can do despite our physical limitations.

In conclusion, the EBAA Secretariat team extends its gratitude to all the members who gathered in Brussels to contribute to shaping the future of our association and advancing the collective interests of a thriving business aviation community in Europe. The dedication of our members serves as a constant inspiration for the EBAA team, driving us to pursue continuous improvement. Thank you for placing your trust in our work.

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