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EBAA launches Ambassador Podcast

EBAA enriches its Ambassador programme by kicking off a new insightful podcast...

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In a bid to engage more with its members, EBAA is excited to announce the launch of the EBAA Ambassador Podcast—a dynamic initiative set to contribute to the discourse in Business aviation. 

Showcasing EBAA Ambassadors values

The primary aim of the EBAA Ambassador Podcast is to deliver essential messages about the ever-evolving landscape of Business aviation. Through a mix of engaging interviews, panel discussions, and expert insights, the podcast seeks to keep industry members well-informed and inspired.

At the heart of the podcast are the EBAA ambassadors, professionals in Business aviation who embody the highest standards of committment and dedication to their industry. This platform will serve as a spotlight, allowing ambassadors to share their achievements, experiences, and the unique value they bring to the wider membership.

The EBAA Ambassador Podcast is not just a one-way communication channel; it’s a community builder. By featuring ambassadors in an accessible and interactive format, the podcast aims to foster a sense of community among members and encourage ongoing participation in the ambassador program.

The Episode Journey: From Interviews to Panel Discussions

Each episode will be available on popular platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and various podcast channels. Furthermore, the podcast will be recorded at ambassador locations, allowing for the visual showcase of their services through engaging B-roll footage.

Each episode will kick off with a deep-dive ambassador interview, offering a personal and behind-the-scenes look at their journey in business aviation. This will seamlessly transition into a thought-provoking panel discussion on a related industry topic, providing diverse perspectives and insights.

Consistency is Key: Frequency and Goals

The EBAA Ambassador Podcast is committed to delivering a minimum of six episodes per year. This regular cadence reflects a dedication to creating a meaningful and ongoing conversation within the Business aviation community.

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