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EBAA Launches New Messaging Booklet ''Flying Into The Future''

EBAA publishes a messaging booklet to showcase business aviation's societal value to decision-makers and the media.

EBAA has taken a significant step to address the long-standing challenge of business aviation industry’s societal value being underappreciated by European and national policymakers, as well as the media landscape.

To counter this issue, EBAA has introduced a new baseline messaging booklet titled “Flying into the Future.” This comprehensive resource aims to equip the European business aviation industry with effective communication tools to better articulate its value to decision-makers and the broader public.

The booklet is divided into three insightful chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of business aviation:

Chapter 1: This chapter provides a thorough explanation of what business aviation entails, highlighting its economic contributions and connectivity potential. It includes illustrative examples of three typical mission types: a business flight, a government flight, and a medical flight.

Chapter 2: The second chapter delves into the pioneering spirit of business aviation in driving innovation within the aviation sector. It details the journey of business aviation in bringing cutting-edge innovations in the past, present, and future, enhancing performance, safety, and sustainability for the entire aviation industry. From this chapter clearly emerges the sector’s continuous efforts to lead in technological advancements and operational improvements.

Chapter 3: The final chapter focuses on the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change (BACCC). It outlines the necessary measures that the business aviation industry must undertake to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This chapter reinforces the sector’s dedication to sustainability and its proactive approach to addressing climate change.

With the launch of “Flying into the Future,” EBAA aims to significantly support the business aviation sector in shaping a positive narrative that recognises its numerous merits. It is designed to help industry players communicate their contributions and commitments effectively, facilitating a better understanding of business aviation among policymakers and the public.

You can download the booklet here.

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