EBAA membership reaches new heights, Europe’s largest operators join

Two of Europe’s largest operators, AvconJet and Jet Story recently joined EBAA strengthening the association’s membership with their voices and expertise.

Now with its 732 members, the EBAA’s robust membership represent the entirety of the European business aviation industry value chain. The arrival of Jet Story is significant, because it is the first Polish operator to be represented in the EBAA membership. The EBAA is also delighted to welcome Avcon Jet, who has seen an exponential fleet growth over the last five years and currently operate more than 60 aircraft.

We’re very proud to be part of the association”, said Alexander Vagacs CEO Avcon Jet. “The industry faces many challenges and we are looking forward to working with colleagues across the industry, to address them.

Meanwhile Jet Story CEO Bartłomiej Drywa said “In today’s environment it doesn’t make sense to be isolated. The EBAA’s expertise has already been very useful, and we’re keen to assist in whatever way we can to help the association achieve its goals.”

Aside from large business aviation companies, the EBAA continuously receives an increase in membership requests from smaller operators, who look to the association for technical assistance.

Small operators realise that they need our support more than ever, so that they can chart their way through a complex regulatory environment” says EBAA, COO, Robert Baltus “We’re making the effort to go directly to where they are based. This year, aside from our Safety and Cabin Service Conference, we’re organising 10 regional forums at different European airports. These technically focused events allow us to listen to operators’ concerns, so that we can find pragmatic solutions.”

EBAA Robert Baltus adds that the events are a clear driver for membership engagement, and keep members up to speed on the latest political and regulatory developments at EU level – with a specific focus on EASA and EUROCONTROL.

As the association hosts EBACE19, an event that it co-organises in with the National Business Aviation Association, prospects are bright for future membership expansion throughout Europe.

Since starting EBACE in 2000, the show has always been a milestone event for us,” says Baltus. “What’s great about it is that resources gained through the show are re-invested in our advocacy work. We are the frontline of the industry, and our members set our advocacy agenda through our working groups, ensuring all of our work serves their best interests.”

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