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EBAA Secretary General Holger Krahmer visits Luxaviation Group’s facilities

EBAA Secretary General Holger Krahmer visit at Luxaviation's FBO in Zavantem was an opportunity to reflect on the challenges the industry will face moving forward...

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During his visit to Luxaviation Group’s cutting-edge Fixed Base Operator (FBO) facilities in Zaventem, EBAA Secretary General Holger Krahmer engaged in profound discussions with Luxaviation’s CEO Ward Bonduel. They delved into critical matters to enhance the collective future of the business aviation sector. Topics ranged from sustainability initiatives and technological innovations to regulatory challenges and market trends, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts to foster industry advancement.

Holger’s firsthand experience at the Luxaviation facilities was not only insightful but also deeply immersive. He was taken on a detailed tour, showcasing the intricate operations that underpin Luxaviation’s reputation for excellence in the business aviation industry. This close-up view enabled him to appreciate the complexities of running an FBO, from maintenance procedures and hangar technologies to the seamless coordination required for providing top-tier client services.

The visit underscored the critical role of open dialogue and partnership between industry leaders and regulatory bodies like the EBAA. By sharing insights and discussing strategic approaches to common challenges, they identified innovative solutions currently being explored by several companies that enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, as well as environmental stewardship within the business aviation community.

Luxaviation’s dedication to excellence and its collaborative partnership with the EBAA demonstrate the proactive approach that propels the industry forward. Such visits provide invaluable opportunities for the EBAA to engage directly with its members, gaining firsthand insights into the challenges they face and how the association can effectively advocate for their needs in Brussels.

A heartfelt acknowledgement goes out to Ward Bonduel, his team, and the entire Luxaviation staff for their warm hospitality and for providing an in-depth look into the heart of their operations. Their dedication to not only maintaining but elevating industry standards is truly inspiring.

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