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EBAA’s Ambassador Programme gathers momentum

EBAA’s recently launched Ambassador programme is going from strength to strength, with 18 industry leading companies signed up to support the initiative.

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Meanwhile, the Ambassador’s virtual platform, is also developing into a one-stop-shop for inspiring stories about business aviation’s leading companies.

Several strategic Ambassador workshops are scheduled between now and the end of the year, these will allow Ambassadors to discuss and reflect upon ways that the industry can evolve areas of sustainability, diversity, innovation, and responsible business practices.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

Future developments in transatlantic flight May 18th

This panel focuses on the challenges and opportunities for international operations, particularly concerning flights between the US and Europe.

Promoting the inherent health benefits of flying with Business aviation 17th June

Many analysts predict an increase in demand for business aviation services in Europe as we emerge from the pandemic. But instead of waiting for this opportunity to arrive, this panel will discuss how EBAA members can attract new customers by positioning business aviation as the safest form of air travel in a pandemic and post-pandemic context

 Lobbying on the Brussels Hill: Case study Sustainable Aviation Fuel 9th September

The European Commission’s ‘ReFuelEU’ initiative, is aimed at ratcheting up the amount of sustainable fuel used in aviation. This workshop will outline EBAA’s strategy for engaging with policy-makers on this topic to produce the best outcome for its members.

Regulations and Regulators 10th November

This panel will outline EBAA’s strategy for engaging with regulators to achieve proportionate regulations for business aviation. A panel of experts will discuss the upcoming regulations that are likely to have the biggest impact on business aviation over the next ten years.

Draft 2022 Workshop topics

  1. February: Business aviation: A catalyst for a sustainable aviation future?
  2. May: Bridging the skills gap. How to attract talent to business aviation.
  3. June: An industry-wide approach towards preventing illegal charter.
  4. September: Business aviation and the advanced air mobility revolution.
  5. November: Innovation in the flight department. How software and AI can transform business aviation flight operations.
  6. How can business aviation give back to society.

For information on how to become a part of the Ambassador programme contact: Paul Walsh 

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