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EBAA members to receive discounted training at Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

EBAA members will receive a discount to participate in ENAC's new 2-day training focussing on Business aviation law and European jurisdictions.

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The two-day programme, called “Business Aviation – Legal And Regulatory Toolkit In An International Context” takes place on 18/10/2022 to 19/10/2022 and will help participants understand know and handle the basic legal tools to deal with questions that have a link with different jurisdictions in terms of EU legislation.  The programme is a continuation from an earlier partnership between EBAA and ENAC to better serve the European Business aviation community in terms of training and development.

The programme will cover;

  • Business aviation international legal environment ; different stakeholders and identification of the employer ;
  • Method of dealing with multiple applicable legislation (+ exercises) ;
  • Labour law (EU/international) questions ;
  • Social security & pensions (EU/international) questions ;
  • Taxation of revenues in an EU/international context; methods and tools to eliminate double taxation ; focus on personal incomes ;
  • Staff licensing under ICAO Annex 1 ;
  • Nationality of the operator and determination criteria ;
  • Civil and criminal liability of pilots and operator ;
  • International dispute settlement (choice of forum and arbitration).

Those interested in the programme can visit the ENAC website here, with EBAA members eligible to a discount. Those with more questions can also contact Arthur Thomas at

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