PNR in Poland update 2023

Polish authorities have adopted stricter measure in enforcing Passenger Name Record (PNR) regulations...

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According to reports shared with EBAA by Paweł Mazur, Partner of the Polish law firm Wardynski & Partners, the authorities responsible for enforcing Passenger Name Record (PNR) regulations are becoming more active and strict in dealing with operators who have failed to report PNR data through the official channels maintained by the Polish Border Guard.

It is important for EBAA Members to note that while there is currently a temporary halt on enforcing PNR violations, this only applies to infractions that occurred before February 4th, 2022. The moratorium will be lifted on February 5th, 2024. It seems that the Border Guard is now better equipped to handle the workload, with multiple units across the country dedicated to enforcement.

To ensure compliance, it is strongly advised that operators strictly adhere to their PNR obligations for all flights to and from Poland and utilise the online platform provided by the Polish Border Guard.

If an operator is approached by the Border Guard regarding a suspected violation, it is highly recommended to seek advice from a local law firm before responding to the authorities.

It is worth noting that when the authorities contact operators and request information about their flights in Poland, they may not explicitly disclose that they are gathering evidence to be used against the operators in a PNR violation case. Consequently, many fines are imposed based on statements obtained directly from the operators, making subsequent defence efforts futile.

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