Updated operational recommendations on the COVID19 outbreak

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) is closely monitoring developments related to the Corona ‘2019-nCoV’s outbreak in the city of Wuhan, China.

In addition to the advice for operators published last week, EASA has issued an updated version of its Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) published on the 27 January.

EASA is monitoring developments related to the outbreak in Wuhan (PRC) and is actively engaged with the WHO, ICAO, the European Commission (EC) and the EC DG SANTE. Due to that, the latest guidance and recommendations issued by WHO, ECDC and ICAO should be considered in the context of this SIB.

Important to note in this SIB

Aircraft operators and aerodrome operators are urged to collaborate, as much as possible;

  1. With the public health authorities prior to the existence of a suspected case, and assist in passenger tracing when a case is confirmed.
  2. Between themselves, to ensure passengers are not kept on board of an aircraft without proper ventilation longer than 30 minutes.

Operational Recommendations

Aircraft and aerodrome operators should;

  • Encourage their staff and crew members to identify passengers having signs and symptoms indicative of acute respiratory infections, and having been in the PRC or in contact with people infected with 2019-nCoV or with people arriving from the PRC within 14 days prior to onset of symptoms.
  • Provide staff and crew with information regarding the management of a case with acute respiratory infection on board an aircraft. their staff and crew members.
  • Provide crew having a lay-over in the PRC with the necessary information and materials as recommended by the Chinese authorities for their local inhabitants.
  • Be equipped with one or more Universal Precaution Kits (UPK) when performing passenger flights to or from the affected countries (see the latest WHO Situation Report).

EBAA will provide further updates as appropriate.



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