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EBAA regrets Single European Sky (SES 2+) agreement as missed opportunity for climate targets

EBAA voices concerns over Single European Sky (SES 2+) agreement's impact on aviation decarbonisation...

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The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) acknowledges the recent update to the Single European Sky (SES 2+) and is currently evaluating the finalised agreement.

Commenting on the provisional agreement, Holger Krahmer, EBAA Secretary General, stated: ”While our advocacy has persistently aimed at ensuring that the SES serves the interests of business aviation operators, passengers, and environmental sustainability, the initial assessments indicate another missed opportunity to optimise the skies. This lack of progress risks impeding our efforts to reach climate targets, as member states fail to implement effective reductions.

We express concern over the potential concentration of power within Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), which could hinder the effective modernisation of European airspace. EBAA underscores the urgent need for continued dialogue and collaboration among all stakeholders to prioritise sustainability and address systemic issues within the aviation sector.

Together, we must redouble our efforts towards achieving a more efficient, equitable, and environmentally conscious aviation system.

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