Business aviation and Brexit

EBAA closely follows the developments of the negotiations between the EU-27 and advocates on behalf of the European Business aviation sector for a smooth transition.


Business aviation and Brexit

Since end of January 2020 both the UK and EU Parliaments ratified the renegotiated withdrawal agreement.  As a result, the UK remains in the EU Single Market and Customs Union, and is bound by its rules until 31 December 2020, but it ceases to be a Member State. This transition period is supposed to give time to negotiate new trading arrangements covering all sectors of the economy.

Focusing on Business aviation, the UK will remain in the European Common Aviation Area for the rest of 2020, allowing mutual access to the UK and the rest of the European Single Aviation Market. It also keeps the UK in the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), ensuring no interruption to existing safety regulations.

UK foreign carrier permit and third country operating certificate

Operators that undertake commercial services from the UK will already be familiar with the principles of the UK’s CAA Permit application process. But several changes will come into effect once the UK exits the EU.

The CAA has written a letter to the Business aviation community setting out the contingency arrangements in the event of a non-negotiated withdrawal by the UK from the European Union.

This letter can be downloaded below.

UK block foreign carrier permits

Given that the UK Government is still in discussion with the EU over the terms of its withdrawal, that those arrangements may include further extensions or transition periods, and that EU operators can currently operate with the ECAA without specific approval, the CAA has decided not to extend or re-issue Block Permits at this stage.

The CAA will write to operators directly to update them on requirements, and when the CAA will start to re-issue these approvals. It is currently envisaged that this process will commence in September, on the presumption that the UK will exit the EU on 31 October 2019 when the current extension period ends.

AOC Certifications

In the context of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, EASA accepts early applications from UK AOC holders for TCO authorisations as of 07/01/2019.
The application procedure can be downloaded below.

Brexit scenarios for Business aviation

In 2018, EBAA, in partnership with the EBAA national associations and Clyde & Co, published a Brexit report analysing how key topics would fare under possible future scenarios. This report became a reference for the aviation sector and is widely used by the European affairs community

The report outlines six possible scenarios and lays out the various complexities of each situation.

The report can be downloaded below.

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