European Business aviation traffic tracker (July 2021)

Using EUROCONTROL data, we have compiled the European Business aviation traffic figures for July 2021.

In this report, you will find detailed information on European Business aviation traffic, in a geographic and weekly breakdown.

The summer of 2020, a traditionally active period for air transport, was marked by a resurgence of activity for business aviation in Europe, (albeit far outside the industry’s “classic” values). One year later, in July 2021, business aviation has not only regained its summer intensity, but is significantly above its pre-crisis activity. With 85,000 business aviation flights, July 2021 represents 9,000 more flights than July 2019 (+12%)

Key learnings

  • For the continent as a whole, the January-July 2021 period now exceeds the equivalent activity levels of 2020, but remains below 2019 (372K flights in 2021 versus 404K flights in 2019).
  • With the exception of UK, all major business aviation markets have returned to equivalent or positive levels compared to July 2019. Many airports have recorded more movements in January-July 2021 compared with 2019, but some major airports remain in the red (Paris le Bourget -23%, Nice -13%, Geneva -18%, Farnborough -40%)
  • Commercial Business aviation records more movements in July 2021 than in 2019 (+23%). private Business aviation is ack to its pre-crisis levels (-1%). The trend is the same for the aircraft used, with all categories of aircraft subject to this upturn . Finally, a rapid upturn in intra-European travel is confirmed (almost back to pre-crisis levels).

This traffic report is made possible thanks to EUROCONTROL data and the support ofWingX.


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