European Business aviation traffic tracker (March 2021)

Using EUROCONTROL data, we have compiled the European Business aviation traffic figures for March 2021.

In this report, you will find detailed information on European Business aviation traffic, in a geographic and weekly breakdown.

A year ago, COVID19 hit Europe and had a huge impact on aviation.  From the historical month of March and April 2020 onwards, Business aviation has been hitting a bumpy recovery road.  After a rapid recovery through summer 2020, the industry has (up until now) stabilised around -25% of its normal levels. Some general trends exist; however, the state of the industry remains very disparate depending on the different countries, the different airports and the different routes (and several other factors).

Key learnings 

  • With the airlines industry still at –73% of its “normal” levels, Business aviation accounts now for 16% of all air transport in Europe.
  • March 21 reinforces the trend observed in January and February. Europe is divided into 2 zones. In Eastern Europe, Business aviation is “globally” experiencing a positive start of the year (even compared with pre-Covid times). Western Europe (accounting for the biggest business aviation markets) remains the part the most impacted by the pandemic (all markets are in the red but at different levels).
  • During the pandemic, Business aviation is driven by short distance, light airplane, commercial Business aviation. These new trends, observed since the start of the crisis, remain valid up until now.

This traffic report is made possible thanks to EUROCONTROL data and the support ofWingX.


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