GAPPRE guidance and explanatory material (GEM)

With the recent publication of the second volume of GAPPRE, the group coordinated by EUROCONTROL and the Flight Safety Foundation has reached yet another milestone on the road to safer runway operating conditions.

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With the primary goal of addressing the precursors of the most frequent type of aviation occurrence, the organisations that contributed to this action plan expressed their commitment to supporting the implementation of the recommendations by developing guidance and explanatory material (GEM).

The second volume of the GAPPRE includes six appendices, providing GEMs to assist with the implementation of these recommendations for each of the stakeholder groups. Appendix C, dedicated to the Aircraft Operators Working Group, divides the recommendations and their associate implementation guidelines into three chapters:

  1. General considerations for aircraft operators
  2. Special considerations for the departure phase
  3. Special considerations for the arrival phase

The thirty-five recommendations and the GEMs content agreed on by the Aircraft Operators Working Group are based on best practices and materials shared by the industry in support for GAPPRE implementation. Each aircraft operator has the freedom to select the applicable recommendations and prioritize them based on their company’s needs., within the boundaries set by national regulators and internationally accepted provisions.

Providing background information and reasons as to why aircraft operators should follow each recommendation and describing potential actions to be taken to have the recommendations implemented, the GAPPRE emphasizes that jointly owned risk requires joint solutions.

Touching on a wide variety of topics, from industry cooperation to use of data-link and bounced landing recovery, the GAPPRE manual is an useful tool for the aviation chain stakeholders who wish to go the extra mile in contributing to the increased safety of runway operations.

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