Vote at our AGM - use a proxy!

Dear Operator Members,

Kindly find herewith the list of the Full Members who will be present at the AGM and will be happy to vote on your behalf.

Please make sure you send your PROXY, duly completed and signed, at your earliest convenience to Christine Mairesse by sending an e-mail to

The person you selected will be informed accordingly.

Kindly note that due to the security protocols at Eurocontrol, the proxies have to be registered and configured in their e-voting system before Sunday, March 10th 2019.

We thank you for your understanding.

With kind regards,

The EBAA Team


List of available voting members at the 2019 AGM

First name Last name Company name Country
Konstantin Essler MJET Austria
Jan Kralik ABS JETS Czech Republic
Jean-Michel Bonté AELIA Assurances Switzerland
Philippe Bodson ASL/JETNETHERLANDS Belgium
Franz Wiessmann BERTELSMANN AVIATION GmbH Germany
Juergen Wiese BMW AG Germany
Helene Niedhart CAT AVIATION Ltd. Switzerland
Bertrand d'Yvoire DASSAULT FALCON SERVICE France
Stanley Bugeja DC AVIATION Ltd. Malta
Rodolfo Baviera EUROFLY SERVICE SPA Italy
Fred de Braey FLYINGROUP Belgium
Dannis Famin FOBYC SAS France
Bernhard Fragner GLOBEAIR AG Austria
Charles Aguettant ASTONJET France
Hervé Laitat LUXAVIATION Belgium
Walter Chetcuti MSC AVIATION SA Switzerland
Alexander Werner NETJETS Portugal
Tony Cramp SHELL AIRCRAFT Ltd. Netherlands
Graham Williamson SONAS AVIATION Ireland

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