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EBAA future workforce initiative continues to gain traction at ENAC

EBAA future workforce initiative goes from strength to strength with a new module on Business aviation held at ENAC...

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One of Business aviation’s most pressing structural problems to date is employment. In the industry, it is widely recognised that professionals typically enter by chance, as there is minimal academic or formal training tailored specifically for this field. Consequently, industry players grapple with significant challenges in recruiting qualified personnel, who often require extensive on-the-job training. In a highly seasonal sector like Business aviation, where reactivity and flexibility are key, this situation is a real challenge. This has triggered genuine concerns about the future workforce among many companies in the sector. As part of its long-term initiative to tackle the issue of the future workforce in Business aviation, EBAA has actively pursued partnerships with universities and other industry associations. The aim is to introduce young students across Europe to the industry, nurturing a future generation of passionate professionals in Business aviation.

EBAA partnerships with European universities

Since 2018, EBAA has been partnering with several European universities, particularly those renowned for their expertise in aeronautics, to combat the concerning trend of a shrinking workforce. Whether it’s collaborating with ENAC in France or Cranfield University in the UK, feedbacks on EBAA’s Business aviation courses have been overwhelmingly positive from all stakeholders involved — including universities, students, and lecturers. There’s a notable surge of enthusiasm among aviation students who, until now, had predominantly considered careers in the airline industry.

Bridging the gap between students and companies

One of the great virtues of the courses organised by EBAA is that experienced industry professionals deliver them, and students get a real insight into what it means to work every day in the sector, not just an academic version. Students who participate in these courses are among the only ones in Europe with a theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals of Business aviation. Unsurprisingly, a number of course instructors have already hired a number of students who have completed these courses, proving that narrowing the distances between the academic world and companies is always a fruitful approach.

EBAA masterclass at ENAC

The last chapter of this exciting journey took the stage at ENAC, Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, in Toulouse, where EBAA’s Market Intelligence Senior Manager, Arthur Thomas, coordinated a 4-hour master class to introduce Business aviation for a full week. Great lecturers from the industry joined Arthur.

The masterclass revolved around the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Business aviation – Arthur Thomas – European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)
  2. Chartering a business airplane – Adrien Corrado – Dassault Falcon Service
  3. Business aviation airports – Iryna Zehrya – VINCI Airports
  4. Flight support and ground services – Manon Woitellier – Jetex
  5. Risk Management in Business aviation – Etienne Sortais –  AXIS Capital
  6. Airport operations – Christophe Jumelle – Dassault Aviation
  7. On demand aviation regulatory framework – Cyril Igor Grigorieff – Tolly Law
  8. The Bizliners – Eric Jullien – ACJC Airbus Corporate Jet Centre
  9. Manufacturing business airplanes – Yves TARNERO – Dassault Aviation

The group ended the week in Bordeaux Mérignac with a visit to the Dassault Falcon final assembly lines.

Strengthening EBAA future workforce initiative

As the response has been excellent, EBAA intends to multiply these initiatives in Europe, cooperating with the national Business aviation associations and aviation universities across Europe. Advanced discussions are underway with Malta, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland to deliver concrete programmes in the course of 2024.

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