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EBAA welcomes Brussels Airport's financial support for SAF use throughout 2024

To accelerate the sustainable evolution of aviation and encourage the use of SAF, Brussels Airport Company, backed by government assistance, is providing a unique financial incentive for adopting sustainable aviation fuel during 2024.

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EBAA welcomes the initiative by Brussels Airport Company to address the longstanding issue of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) price differentials with traditional jet fuel. In an effort to expedite the sustainable development of aviation and promote the adoption of SAF, Brussels Airport Company, with government support, is offering a one-time financial incentive for the use of sustainable aviation fuel throughout 2024.

This SAF incentive is open to all airlines operating flights departing from BRU, including passenger, cargo, and general aviation, for both short-haul and long-haul flights. The subsidy will be disbursed quarterly, with airlines able to subscribe to the incentive on a quarterly basis.

The application for Q2 2024 is open until 31/04/2024. Subsequent quarterly applications must be submitted in the month preceding each quarter.

The established budget for 2024 is € 2 million, which will be allocated to operators in accordance with the conditions of the incentive programme.

Driven by the operators’ interest and feedback received, Brussels Airport clarified its conditions: the incentive will be set at 80% of the additional cost of blended SAF (compared to the cost of conventional fossil fuel) and capped at €1.000 per refuelled metric ton (1.000 kg) of blended SAF.

EBAA encourages other European airports to undertake similar initiatives to incentivise SAF uptake, thereby contributing to the collective effort towards sustainable aviation. EBAA remains committed to collaborating with European airports to ensure the accessibility of SAF. In cases where SAF is unavailable, we are actively working to facilitate a resilient and dependable Book & Claim system for business aircraft operators, aligning with the EBAA’s SAF recommendations.

For more information on the SAF incentive programme, you can send an email to or contact EBAA’s Sustainability and Future Workforce Manager, Maureen Gautier, at

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