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EBAA #ExpandingHorizons Millennial Survey – Your Social Media Toolkit!

EBAA #ExpandingHorizons Millennial Survey – Your Social Media Toolkit!

What do young people think of Business Aviation and the future of sustainable personal air transport?

EBAA’s survey, realized in cooperation with ThinkYoung, sought answers to these questions. As the first report of its kind for Business Aviation, these results provide a unique platform for your company or organisation to engage with a younger demographic about the power of this industry.

Speaking with a common voice will help us increase the visibility of Business Aviation and the reach of our #ExpandingHorizons message.

Spread the word using these easy infographics, social posts and video on your own social media and web channels.

How To Use This Toolkit?

Make use of information provided in this toolkit to support your communication and social media activities

  • Share this toolkit with your communication, media officers, social media officers and web editors
  • Present it to other colleagues who might be interested
  • Disseminate this toolkit to your partners and members

The Toolkit, and Report are available for download in the top-left corner of this webpage. Also note, the video below is also available for download! Just click here.

For all the visual elements to leverage on social media, please refer to this link on

Beyond Limits: How Millennials See the Future of Business Aviation

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