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EBAA Yearbook showcases value of Business aviation to economic recovery

Brussels, 26 March 2021. The European Business Aviation Association is today highlighting the contribution of Business aviation to the region’s economy and its importance for post-COVID19 recovery with the publication of its annual Yearbook.

The latest EBAA Yearbook, launched today at the Association’s virtual annual general meeting, is a visual overview of Business aviation’s economic contribution across Europe in 2020. The publication informs Europe’s political, regulatory and Business decision makers about the industry’s vital role in job creation, in connecting destinations with poor scheduled airline links, and for urgent travel, including the race to develop COVID19 vacci3nes.

Now in its seventh edition, the latest EBAA Yearbook offers expanded and richer digital content. Its data is broken down into three sections: 40 country profiles; 50 airport profiles; 50 top active aircraft types. Statistics for 2020 include economic output, jobs, aircraft movements, market share and connectivity.

EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan says: “The past year has been a case study of the unique and important role of Business aviation in Europe’s air transport system. The industry’s on-demand services were critical in enabling high-priority travel to take place safely, such as for governmental and scientific personnel involved in the COVID19 response.”   

“The EBAA Yearbook is a diverse and interactive tool that has been used to promote and enhance the industry to external stakeholders including the media. We hope this current edition will serve to give visibility to the industry’s economic benefits, employment value and aircraft movements. By moving the Yearbook online and being able to share the data through social media assets, we seek to give it higher prominence and value which the industry can leverage.”

“Last year was an incredibly challenging time for the industry and every person in our community. The impact of COVID19 has been a shared experience; throughout the pandemic the EBAA team has worked to provide continued operational information and safety guidance as well as continued efforts on flight time limitations, illegal charter and sustainability. This year’s Yearbook is a culmination of those efforts and we hope it will be a valuable tool to help our members and the wider industry build a better future together.”

The EBAA Yearbook can be accessed here: The EBAA Yearbook is accessible to EBAA members and non-members, with EBAA members having secure access to an additional layer of content.



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