European Business aviation traffic tracker (May 2020)

Using EUROCONTROL data, we have compiled the European business aviation traffic figures for May 2020.

The European Business Aviation Association is actively and closely monitoring developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak. In this report, we have compiled European Business aviation traffic data and trends for the month of May 2020 (see the April 2020 report here).

Continuing the effects of the global COVID-19 crisis on the aviation industry which started mid-March, May 2020 shows a 62% decrease in traffic compared to 2019. However European Business aviation seems to experience a slight upturn in activity towards the final week of May. The trend is observed in all major European Business aviation markets; Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and the UK.

Early signs of recovery:

  • With airlines operating at only 10% of their regular activity, Business aviation accounts now for 1 out of 4 airplanes flying in Europe (the largest market share ever recorded for Business aviation).
  • Business aviation seems to be the first to emerge and facilitate the restart of the air transport system in Europe.
  • Chartered aviation is driving demand in the market and there are indications this trend will continue.

This traffic report is made possible thanks to EUROCONTROL data and the support of WingX.

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