European Business aviation traffic tracker (October 2021)

Using EUROCONTROL data, we have compiled the European Business aviation traffic figures for October 2021.

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In this report, you will find detailed information on European Business aviation traffic, in a geographic and weekly breakdown.

Key learnings

  • The crisis has shown clear survivors and losers within the sector. Among the survivors are commercial operators, flying short-haul with small aircraft. On the other end of the spectrum are those operators focusing on long-haul markets, which have been negatively impacted. While the number of flights is small, the revenues associated with those long-haul flights are often substantial. As a result, the various industry players that depend on this specific part of the market have suffered severe financial consequences
  • Overall, the median in Business aviation continues its summer momentum in October 2021 at +25% of its 2019 level. This average is held high by short-haul business whilst the sector is anxiously awaiting the re-opening of transatlantic flight in November. The November report will make a specific focus on Transatlantic activity.
  • Considering a poor start of 2021, with Business aviation still heavily impacted by COVID, the strong performance started in the summer and maintained until October is a welcome boost for the industry, helping alleviate pressure specifically on SMEs.

This traffic report is made possible thanks to EUROCONTROL data and the support ofWingX.


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