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EBAA associate members complete successful online lunch time session series

Following a catalytic year of change and transformation, the question is ‘where do we go from here?

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In the AMAC online lunchtime sessions, EBAA members engaged directly with the chairs of the AMAC committees to get answers, insights, and tips for success.
On September 28th Mike Ryan Chair of the EBAA’s charter brokers committee, explained how European charter brokers are standardising their sector while placing sustainability at its core.

Janine Iannarelli and Eric Lewin of EBAAs Sales and Acquisitions committee discussed the latest market trends, approaches to Know Your Client (KYC), and the rising call for transparency in the aircraft sales transaction.

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Then on September 30th Arjen Groeneveld of EBAA’s Maintenance Committee, along with committee members Blair Henderson and Paul Ewers discussed the regulatory alignment needed to transform Business aviation maintenance.

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On October 5th Filippo Maria Arcaleni and Amaël Chesneau of the EBAA’s lawyers committee focused on the opportunities posed by eVTOL and new forms of flight, while Maire-Laure Gassier, and Alexandra Asche, Chair and vice-Chair of the EBAA’s financiers committee, lead a session on the future of Business aviation finance.

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On October 7th Diego Magrini and Pawel Kruk of EBAA ‘s tech committee discussed the latest technology trends transforming the Business aviation flight department, while Reece Vowles and Amine Ratl from the risk management committee discussed how the insurance industry is responding to a new emerging sphere of risk.

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