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EBAA becomes a member of the Flight Safety Foundation

The EBAA team is proud to report becoming a member of the prestigious Flight Safety Foundation in early May.

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The FSF membership will be an additional input and resource for the EBAA team to draw upon in the area of safety, as the foundation is chartered to provide impartial, independent expert safety guidance and resource for the aviation industry on a global level.

What is the Flight Safety Foundation?

The Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) is an international independent, non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to provide impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources for the aviation and aerospace industry. Today, membership includes more than 1,000 organizations and individuals in 150 countries.

In 2014, Flight Safety Foundation and EUROCONTROL agreed to jointly manage SKYbrary, an electronic repository of safety knowledge related to flight operations, air traffic management (ATM) and aviation safety in general.

Moreover, the Flight Safety Foundation supports Aviation Safety Network (ASN), a private, independent source of accurate and authoritative information on airline accidents and safety issues. The ASN Accident Database contains detailed descriptions of more than 20,000 incidents, accidents and hijackings, including numerous official accident investigation reports, aviation safety news, photographs and statistics.

What does the FSF membership mean for EBAA?

The foundation co-organises the annual Safety Forum in Europe, as well as the Business Aviation Safety Summit in the US. In the long term the EBAA membership in FSF should result in an EBAA presence in those events as well as FSF presence at the EBAA Safety Summit.

An overview of the most valued benefits as a member:

  • Access to Foundation publications and media, including members-only safety information affecting the aviation industry on a global scale.
  • A forum for safety standards — The Foundation works with regulators, government agencies and stakeholders in the United States and around the world to develop safety standards and to represent the entire industry globally.
  • The opportunity to provide input through committee participation on the seminar agendas and other work of FSF.
  • The Annual Business Aviation Safety Summit (BASS), a forum for the business aviation industry to meet in a collaborative environment to identify safety concerns, devise approaches to reduce risk and implement initiatives to improve safety. The summit covers safety, training, practical solutions, management, human factors and other issues for every segment of the business aviation industry.

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